Friday, 6 October 2017

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant @ Asia Square

Sinful food will always be a temptation that I cannot resist no matter how hard I try and Peking Duck is surely one of the top favourite sinful delicacies on my list! I love to eat most kinds of meat skins - chicken skin, roasted pork skin, fried fish skin, and of course roasted Peking duck skin!! Recently, I went to Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant and it is one of the better restaurants which serves Peking duck (As you can already tell from its name) for $88. 

Don't you think that the glistening skin looks super inviting? You can eat them off the plate just like that or dip the skin with just a small amount of sugar. The sweetness of the sugar balances the savoury taste of the duck, it paired surprisingly well! 

Firstly, lay a paper-thin crepe onto your plate. Add a piece of crispy roasted duck skin and a piece of meat (for that extra goodness). Garnish with spring onions, cucumber and their specialty duck sauce. Wrap it up and pop it into your mouth!

The duck at Imperial Treasure has the perfect crispy texture, the meat was also juicy and tender. Dry meat is a no-no because it would be so difficult to chew on.

Some restaurants serve a different kind - egg yellow crepe which is similar to Western style crepe. I used to love that but I realized the real goodness comes from the real Peking duck crepe with the color similar to a Tortilla wrap (But much thinner and softer).

I had the most memorable Peking duck meal at Macau earlier this year and that was so far the BEST peking duck I ever had. Besides the main reason that the ducks were roasted over charcoal, the crepe/pancake (whatever it is called) were placed over a small heating pot to keep it warm till the very last piece.

The scallop was another centrepiece of the meal due to its freshness and great taste. Freshly flown in daily from Scotland, no wonder the scallop costs a whopping $26!

The chicken and vegetables unfortunately fell short of its usual standards. You can already see from the photo that the chicken skin is dry and lacks the glistening touch of oil. The plating also looks substandard and the chicken is overly salted or marinated for my family's palate.

The vegetables are slightly better but it was still salty - probably due to fermented bean paste for flavoring.

My dad celebrated his belated birthday at the restaurant and Imperial Treasure did a fantastic job with the longevity bun dessert as an alternative of a birthday cake. The wordings are a little hard to read from the photo due to the light reflection of the cling wrap.

We went there for dinner on a Sunday and Asia Square Tower is usually a ghost town as offices are all closed. To my surprise, the restaurant was quite fully booked! This really shows something, isn't it?

My dad always goes for regular dinners at Imperial Treasure with his work partners/ colleagues and he always tells my family that the restaurant manager, Erica is a commendable staff with really friendly service. I've been there a few times so far and I have to agree that the customer service level of this restaurant is worth a special mention based on my personal experience.

Typing this post makes me really crave for some Peking Duck now! Hope to visit the place soon again with my family! But next time round I will save my stomach for just the duck!

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant 

8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, #02-08/09/10, 018960
Contact: 6636 1868

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