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Best Extraction Facial at My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

Known as the Best Extraction Facial in Singapore, My Cozy Room Boutique Spa has exceeded my expectations so far. Housed in a heritage terrace shophouse along Cairnhill Road, My Cozy Room is a short 5-minute walk from Paragon Shopping Centre. Girls will be in for a sweet surprise as the spa is fully styled with a champagne white and gold Victorian theme, making me feel like a princess the moment I stepped into the spa.

In case you are wondering, My Cozy Room also uses BABOR products which is an internationally-renowned German skincare label. At least I know that I can entrust my face with a professional brand!

Credit: My Cozy Room
When brands are raved to be the best, I am sometimes skeptical about the true authenticity. After giving it a try, I can understand why it is known to be one of the best - minimal redness, painless extraction and most importantly, my face recovered within a week with tremendous improvement in terms of complexion and glow. (My helper actually commented that my face was glowing! Mind you, I just woke up without applying anything on my face at all. And this was already 2 weeks after the facial)

Speaking about my facial complexion, it really fluctuates from time to time. I suspect that the weekly hotpot and heaty food intake caused my breakouts recently. Itchy fingers are also culprit to my congested pores and blackheads around the T zone area. When things go bad on your face, it's never easy to get rid of them without a proper extraction.

This is a photo of my face before the Facial. You can notice some of the bumps on my face.

Bad bad breakouts ):

The facial started off with a facial cleanser to remove my make up, followed by a relaxing scrub using lactic clay and fruit enzyme mask. Compared to the usual exfoliating scrub which has the "sandy bits", this is more gentle to my sensitive skin.

Many people find that it's a nightmare to go through extraction, I had bad experiences before where I had to grab onto the blanket during the process because it was so painful. Surprisingly, the extraction was relatively painless and tolerable, except for some discomfort at the areas having an infection. The therapist was extra gentle with her hands and she kept checking with me if the pressure is alright.

WARNING: Don't watch if you're not a fan of pimple popping videos! Actually this isn't overly gross though.

I was so glad to clear out the impurities and blackheads on my face as it has been bothering me for quite some time.

I also kept checking with the therapist if my face was red because this was one of my greatest concerns when I had to attend some lunch party during that weekend. Thankfully, there were minimal redness after the thorough extraction.

The great results were partially due to the high-frequency treatment which has a little tingling sensation on your skin, meant to kill bacteria.

The ampoule that was used on my face was made of Microsilver concentrate, containing pure silver and also the highest form of antiseptic. My face was so pampered thanks to the BABOR facial products!

I was also given the Clinical LED facial therapy that comes with flashing red and blue lights. The red light works like a laser to stimulate cells beneath my skin and fight off bacteria. On the other hand, the blue light reduces acne tremendously - which is also a huge reason why my pimples and blackheads subsided so quickly after the facial. I know these looks like partying lights but it's not what you think. My brother say that the goggles make me look like terminator though..

Overall, I had a really satisfying experience at My Cozy Room and I was really impressed at how fast the redness subsided after the treatment. Even after 2-3 weeks, the results lasted quite well. All I had to do was to refrain my itchy hands from touching my face. It felt really good to have a more radiant complexion for a good few weeks or more! 

Finally able to get rid of these bad acne! Not sure what's wrong with my skin recently. Sigh. Thankfully, My Cozy Room came to my rescue. 

Results of my facial treatment with My Cozy Room:

Credit: My Cozy Room
Prior to this, I have actually visited My Cozy Room about 2 years ago and I was already impressed with their service. I went for their first trial promotion for a spa treatment and I was actually a little concerned if there would be any hard-selling. Surprisingly, they were really sincere towards me and didn't push further when I told them that I wouldn't be interested in a package back then. This is something worth mentioning especially when hard-selling can be so common nowadays.

From my previous and recent experiences with My Cozy Room, I could tell that the therapists are really professional and passionate in what they do, which put me at ease as I don't usually accept collaborations with facial salons.

If you are keen to try out their Award-winning Customised facial treatment, you can enjoy their first-time promotion at $88 only! (90min; U.P $188) If you wish to go through a more intensive treatment, their Premium Pore Extraction Facial treatment is also available at a first-time promotion of $144 (120min; U.P $288) (T&Cs apply)

My brother actually made a video when he visited My Cozy Room! Do click to watch and see the drastic difference!

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

56A Cairnhill Road
Singapore 229667
(5 min walk from Paragon Shopping Centre) 

Contact: 6732 0030

(Advanced bookings are highly recommended) 

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