Sunday, 5 November 2017

Healthy Snacks with Made Real SG

Who says that you have to cut off all ties with snacks to eat healthy? Snacking is a real addiction especially when you are studying, working or watching the TV and I think it would be quite tough for some to entirely stop snacking on junk food. With Made Real SG, you can get your personalized snack box based on a mini quiz. This is a really smart idea for people facing dilemma issues with snacks and are also open to trying new flavours.

The quiz questions include your preference on snacks, health goals, allergies and dietary needs. Made Real SG will filter out the suitable snacks based on your requirements! If you prefer to have a full decision of your own snack box, that's perfectly fine as well!

Here are the results to my personalized snack box from Made Real. I didn't really fancy a few types in my results and I changed it to something else to my liking.

My Made Real Snack Box consists of 6 different packet of healthy snacks (50g each) - Salted Caramel Clusters, Eat your Greens, Honey Chili Nuts, Amazon Crunch, Fortune Mix and Jackie Chips!

Disclaimer: My photos do not represent the accurate quantity of each snack packet as I did not pour everything out. 

Eat your Greens

Eat your Greens appealed to me most probably because of a few reasons. The snacks are so colourful and vibrant, the name is really cute and it resembles chips the most. It's almost like consuming Vegetables, except 10x better than the real ones. I wouldn't say that this is completely healthy to eat on a daily basis, but if you can't stop snacking on unhealthy chips, perhaps this would be a viable alternative - well, at least it's more guilt-free! 

Amazon Crunch 

Amazon Crunch consists of cashew nuts, which are high in copper - an important mineral for your bones, skin and hair. Cashew nuts are one of my favourite nuts to snack on apart from hazelnut, macadamia nuts and pistachios! Warning: These are highly addictive too! 

Fortune Mix

This is similar to the Amazon Crunch, but with almonds and dried pineapple. Sad to say, but I'm not a fan of this pack. The dried pineapples tasted a little sour for me. I would only recommend you to go for Fortune Mix if you're a fan of almonds and cashew nuts. But if you're adventurous to try out new flavours, why not right? You get to subscribe and change your preferences every week/month anyway! 

Salted Caramel Clusters

Consisting a mix of Chia seeds, quinoa and sunflower seeds, the salted caramel clusters are packed with flavors and I love the crunch most! 

This actually reminded me of a childhood snack - colourful chocolate sunflower seeds sold in Mama shops. The taste might be quite different, but I vaguely remembered a slight resemblance. Sunflower seeds by its own already has a very distinctive taste which I love. I think it would go really well with yoghurt or ice creams! 

Jackie Chips

Basically Jackfruit chips, this has a very strong jackfruit taste. I was expecting to hear a crunch when I bite into it, but it has a more chewy texture, alike to the dried mango snack. I didn't really like the slight pungent smell of Jackfruit but the taste was quite good. It's like a love/hate thing with Jackie chips. I didn't exactly fancy the smell too much, but I can't help but take another piece after I'm done with one.

If you love dried mangoes, you have to order this!

Honey Chilli Nuts

If you are a spicy lover like me, you should give this a try too! One of my favourites. The sweetness from the honey balances the spiciness. It would be better if the kick is stronger, but I'm happy with these. It's good to keep as office snacks too, especially if you need to stay awake. #CoffeeDoesNotWorkSometimes

When potato chips are becoming too unhealthy for your daily/weekly intake, these snack boxes are viable options to satisfy your snack cravings. I love how you are able to "customise" the boxes to your preferences and dietary needs. And new snacks every month, I wouldn't say no to it! I'm usually not very loyal to my snacks as I will often get bored if I eat too much of the same food. Being able to have a flexible subscription where you can pause or change the frequency at any point of time is great! At least I don't have to commit and pay for the entire year. No harm trying out 1 or 2 boxes first right?

Thank you Made Real SG for sending me a healthy snack box for the review! 

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