Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Starting 2018 with Actspressions Planner

I find that getting myself a planner makes me more motivated to kickstart a new year, do you feel the same sentiments? I was really excited to come across Actspressions 2018 planner which was beautifully designed. Btw this isn't a sponsored post! But I really love it so much, good things must share right? And the price is really reasonable at $19.90. I actually thought it was a great steal, considering the fact that the design is super gorgeous.

I used to buy planners once in a while in the past, but the habit of writing down my schedule never lasts. Pretty sure this would though, because of my baking orders. The idea of getting a planner struck me when I realized that my current photocopied monthly calendar ran out of space for my orders (Very budget right!) It was crazy trying to squeeze all my schedule into that tiny little box.

The owner only creates 1 unique design every year and I consider myself lucky to get this ombre blue design! I actually went to take a look at the previous years and I didn't really fancy those as much. 

It is a MUST to include weekly planners especially when I have more orders to record down nowadays. While the book isn't too big (13x16cm), this works fine for me as not a lot of space is wasted. 

You might be able to tell that the paper is a little thin and see through. I haven't start writing anything yet so hopefully it doesn't affect much. 

I wish the planner was a little bigger but this would be really handy to carry around with me in my small bag.

My dad was teasing me about not utilizing my macbook or phone's calendar which is more convenient and accessible. But for my case, I think a planner will be more efficient and useful! 

I flipped through the planner and some of the quotes caught my attention!

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow"

Love this!

(I noticed from their IG that they were sold out in mid December last year, so hurry!!)

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