Saturday, 2 December 2017

Customise Your Unique Terrarium with Be Crafty Sg (Hillion Mall)

Remember my previous giveaway on Monice Bakes? I hope the winners had a great experience customising their terrarium with Be Crafty at Hillion Mall (Bukit Panjang)! Thanks to Be Crafty, I also had the opportunity to decorate a unique set of terrarium for myself.

Stepping into Be Crafty shop makes an art lover like me feel so happy and thrilled! The idea of being able to custom made a gift for personal use or your loved ones is very popular nowadays. What amazed me is the variety of choices they offer - from the pots, glassware, plants to the detailed decorative toppers.

Feels like the kid in me is back as I looked through the shelves trying hard to make a decision on where should I even start.

They have many shapes and sizes for the base, some of the more unique designs include the animal range, as well as the prism terrarium with metal framing. (One of my absolute favourites!) I like how they have the lower range for someone who doesn't want to spend much, the base starts from $9.90 each, and the more premium designs costs about $29.90 and above. The succulents are about $3.5 each. 

If your main focus is on the overall theme, I suggest moving on to the small figurines first. Picking the pebbles and plants last allows you to find something that complements your decor, and not the other way round.

My parents' anniversary was in November and I wanted to get this as a gift for them to be placed in the indoor garden.

I picked The Little Twin Stars as it's my mum's favourite cartoon character. She say that Kiki Lala represents my brother and I. There were a whole lot of other figurines that caught my attention as well, especially the Tsum tsum and Disney ones. Some of the generic animals are no doubt very adorable for those who don't fancy cartoon! The figurines range from 50c to $5.

I picked the white pebbles to keep things simple, but I later on realized that mixing of the pebbles and sand can create a really nice scenery too. I guess it depends on your preferences.

There is a crazy amount of combinations to mix and match, I feel that I will never be 100% satisfied to stick with just one. I really liked the Sakura tree but later realized that it doesn't really fit perfectly with my other designs, hence I replaced it with a small little bench for a homely feel.

And TADAH! What a lovely terrarium! I showed this to my family and they were happy with it too! It's now sitting in our living room. 

This reminds me of my Sylvanian's Family House collection! 

The little minions crowding in this terrarium are too cute! BELLO!! 

For husbands and boyfriends who are looking for some last minute gifts, you can also consider their dried flower bouquets and preserved roses! The glass jar reminds me of the rose from Beauty in the Beast, such a pretty piece! 


Specially crafted cards are available too!

Personally, I find it an affordable customised gift perfect for most people. Especially for close friends/ loved ones, this gift is really thoughtful and cute! I have actually purchased 2 terrariums for my friends! But instead of decorating it for them, I prepaid and asked them to go down to the shop personally to decorate their own piece.

If you're still looking around for Christmas ideas, do consider this!

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