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DC Superheroes Cafe on Eatigo App 50% off (Marina Bay Sands)

During our staycation at MBS few weeks ago, I was looking out for some great deals online in hope of saving some money for our dinner. I was lucky enough to chance upon the DC Superheroes Cafe on Eatigo app! In case you didn't know, Eatigo is an online reservation platform which allows you to enjoy up to 50% off your whole bill depending on the time. Usually, you enjoy bigger discounts at a later timing (non-peak hours).

I don't usually prefer dining at late hours but since we're enjoying our staycation and have plenty of time to spare, so why not right? 50% is a lot to save too!

The cafe divides into two different sections - main dining area and desserts. With the life-sized statues standing tall at the entrance, the shopfront screams superhero from afar. Everything was fully decorated in DC superhero theme - from the ceiling, tables, menu to the utensils as well. Not a single detail was missed out. I am impressed! 

Every corner has a photo-taking opportunity!
We were hop…

Pre-Wedding Shoot with Roses Only SG (Promo Code)

Red roses symbolise love and romance. 
It's a classic choice that is unlikely to go wrong if you want to convey a love message to your special someone on a romantic celebration or anniversary. My fiance actually proposed to me with a bouquet of red roses. With no hesitation, I picked red roses from Roses Only SG for our pre-wedding photoshoot because of its bold and elegant colour. Really happy with how the photos turned out and the bright red gave the photo an extra pop of colour!

Instead of the usual bouquet style, Roses Only pack their roses in their exclusively designed gift boxes to keep the 60-80cm long stem roses protected and pristine.

In case you were wondering why they kept the stems long, here's the reason why!

Foliage is never touched and thorns are not removed, so as to avoid plant trauma and prolong the life of the roses.

This is the first time I came across roses with long stems, which was really unique compared to the usual roses received in bouquets. Apparent…

Tsui Wah 翠華 at Clarke Quay

The newly opened Cha Chaan Teng (茶餐廳),Tsui Wah (翠華) got me really excited to try out their dishes as I have been missing Hong Kong food every now and then. As a person who is from Hong Kong, let's just say that most of the HK cafes/restaurants that were previously opened in Singapore, were not very impressive.

While the restaurant has the Cha Chaan Teng feel, the cleanliness and service is above what you get at HK, which is a plus point. The menu also resembles a newspaper which is really creative.

You can also save the hassle by ordering and paying through the app if you frequent this place a lot!

Hong Kong Milk Tea is usually a must-try when you dine at any Cha Chaan Teng. Unfortunately, the milk tea ($4) is a disappointment, the drink tasted so bland. You can actually judge by the colours of the drink, it looks really diluted in light shades of brown (And we have already asked for less ice btw). According to Serene, teh ping tastes nicer than this. 
Not sure if we were just unl…

Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones | Bid goodbye to tangled wires

Earphones/headphones are becoming fashionable statements and even part of our accessories stash, and when it comes to selecting a design and colour, it's easy to get spoilt for choice. Sudio has recently launched their completely first wireless earphones - Sudio Nivå, making it portable and so convenient!

It comes in 4 colours - black, white, blue and pink, and I was already caught in a dilemma. But I eventually chose blue as it is something more unique as compared to the classics, yet not overly feminine to wear out on a daily basis.

I love how it matches my blue bralet top (and of course a whole lot of other outfits in my wardrobe).

How many times have you fumbled with your earphone wires inside your pouch or bag? I think I have already lost count. Sometimes, the wires even got stuck in my hair. With Sudio Nivå, all these are no longer a problem anymore.

On top of that, the blue matching storage case does not only act as an ordinary case, it also has a hidden portable charger (w…

#3 Journey to getting our new home | Getting our Resale Flat

Two months have passed since we made the decision to get our resale flat, and things are definitely falling into place! We're getting our keys in early November! But we won't be starting any renovation works till late Feb as we have made a deal to extend the owners' stay for another 3 months. Everything worked out like a breeze, thankfully! And our agent Ray, was extra helpful in his guidance that made the whole process almost effortless.

We actually chanced upon an ideal unit on Property Guru but it happened to be already sold. To be honest, it was more of a random viewing, and we didn't really think of confirming anything. More like we wanted to get a feel of how the resale flats at that particular area were like before our 1st BTO appointment.

Ray asked if we were interested in other units that fit our requirements and so we did. We just met him with an open mind and did not expect much, but he gave me a really good impression compared to other agents. He also share…

I SAID YES | Cupcake Delivery Turned Into Surprise Proposal

I said YES to the love of my life! 😭
Warning: Long post ahead so that years down the road I can read this and remember every single detail ;) So if you're not interested in reading all the lovey dovey mushy stuff, please skip to the next post and don't puke! 

Video credit: Colman
I cannot believe that he actually made me deliver cupcakes to myself at the blocks outside our secondary school as a proposal surprise. Let's just say that this proposal is the best of both worlds to me. I know many girls love their proposal to be at hotels because its grand (nothing wrong with that of course), but I have always wanted something really thoughtful that I can look back years down the road. And I'm still reeling from the shock that it actually happened. Of course, thanks to his awesome friends, especially Nicholas who helped him with this idea and planning too!

Tbh, I already knew this was coming because we had to start preparing for our upcoming house and even ROM soon. And the…

Gin Khao | One Raffles Place | Vegetarian Thai Food

Let's start this post with me being really honest - I am a meat lover, and it's rare for me to have a complete meal without any meat. But Gin Khao recently launched a Thai Vegetarian menu which I surprisingly really enjoyed! It has always been a challenge to find restaurants that serve a balanced menu of both meat and vegetarian food, and I think I just found one!

The Wok Fried French Beans with Olive Leaves ($9.80) looks really ordinary but trust me when I say it's not. Its taste is beyond what it looks. The saltiness and sweetness from the olive leaves blends really well with the long beans. We had 9 dishes that day, and even though we were so bloated from the food, this was the only plate that was left empty. 

Another of my favourite dish was the Taro Fritter ($8.80), which was a really nice snack to start off my meal. I could hear the loud crunch when I bite into the fritters. This is rather filling though, I would actually suggest ordering it as a sharing dish. 
On the…