Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Princess Themed Rooms at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

I had one of the best Disneyland experiences during my Tokyo trip with my family this year! The rides were awesome, ambience was magical and great as always. But the best of all was being able to stay in the princess rooms at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

We had 3 nights in Disneyland and since we were already going to set aside a budget for the special character rooms, we might as well experience it fully by staying in a different room every night! It might sound quite troublesome but thankfully, the bell desk handled our luggage and bags everyday before we even entered our new room.

We started off with the cheaper choice and upgraded to a better room each day.

Alice in Wonderland - About SGD700 per room per night
40 m² ~ 43 m²

Alice in Wonderland room had a whimsical and colorful theme which represented the fun and excitable story of Alice's adventure. Spot the cute green lamp which is in the shape of Madhatter's hat! The colours are all so vibrant, and I didn't expect myself to fancy this room as much as I thought! 

I love the quirky-looking furnitures too, they really suit the Alice in Wonderland theme.

The Queen of Hearts headboard is surely recognizable if you have watched the movie. My favourite part of the room is the Alcove bed, which my brother claimed it to be his sleeping corner for the night. It surely isn't the most comfortable compared to the normal beds, but it does feel very cozy to sleep in.

All 3 rooms had the same toilet layout - separated into 3 parts, shower area, basin, and toilet, all equally spacious and clean. I had some bad experiences of the basin being just beside the toilet bowl and it's honestly quite gross, especially having the fear of dropping toiletries down the bowl.. Ewww.

The amenities provided are all nicely packed in a Mickey Mouse box which you can freely take home as well! I love how they have a dressing table and full length mirror which made it a lot easier for preparing.

Beauty in the Beast - About SGD 850 per room per night
59 m² ~ 61 m²

I was wow-ed by the first room but the Beauty in the Beast design just made my jaws dropped when I stepped into the room while taking a insta story. The room was huge with 3 beds and an alcove bed, so huge there wouldn't be an issue leaving all the luggage opened and lying on the floor.

The Beauty in the Beast theme was just awesomely beautiful, from the furniture to the carpet and wallpaper. Super gorgeous I was almost lost for words.

If there are at least 3 adults staying together and don't paying extra, I would highly recommend this room as it's a lot more spacious than the previous one.

I absolutely love the curtain drapes and lights above the headrest! 

My favourite part of the room is the dressing table (which I was already super excited about). Check out the "library bookshelves" wallpaper with that vintage golden mirror. And that's not the cutest thing. The dresser stool is actually from the movie - The castle's pet dog which was turned into a footstool. 

Even the toilet is looking so grand and fabulous..

Cinderella Suite - About SGD895 per room per night

71 m²

Cinderella Suite had a more gracious and elegant design instead, and had a separate living room with an alcove bed. Comparing to the previous two rooms, I felt that the designs were slightly more subtle and therefore not as exciting. The room was still really pretty, it's just not so Disney-themed compared to the other two.

But the bed with those drapes are to die for! It makes me feel like a princess as I've always loved this kind of bed design when I was younger.

The colour of the alcove bed was a little too dull in my opinion though. 

Other than the less than exciting furniture, they did a great job with the wallpaper in the toilet! Yes I love seeing more of the cartoon!

Tokyo Disneyland Lobby

The lobby is one of the prettiest I have ever seen, with huge chandeliers and high ceiling that made the whole area looked so majestic and grand. I haven't seen our room but I was already so excited about everything.

A little children's corner to watch TV while the parents are busy checking in. 

So convenient to stay beside a train station where you can just travel to the rest of the hotels or Disney parks within 5 minutes walking distance!

Overall it was a really memorable experience to not only stay in Disneyland hotel itself, but to have the opportunity to stay in the princess themed rooms! We probably wouldn't splurge on Disneyland hotels in the short run but it was surely worth a try! For more generic Disney themes suitable for boys, they do have themed rooms in the Ambassador hotel.

Stay tuned for more of my Japan trip posts!

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