Friday, 9 February 2018

Hao Lai Wu Steamboat & BBQ at Chinatown

Food videos ads on Facebook are really effective in luring you to visit the restaurant, and that's how I get to know about the new hipster steamboat place at Chinatown - Hao Lai Wu 好来屋 (Not Hollywood FYI). With a funky and colourful interior, it is surely inviting to step into the restaurant. I was however mainly drawn to the illuminated crystal steamboat pot which was a very new and interesting concept.

I tried touching the pot and it really doesn't burn at all, which will be really ideal for family with kids.

We chose Tom Yum and Chicken for our soup base (Extra $6 for 2nd selection). There was a free flow selection of meat and seafood to pick from, including the common steamboat and BBQ ingredients. Not forgetting the extensive variety of sauces and condiments to go along with your meal.

I didn't even pay attention to what was completely available at the buffet as we hurriedly dig in due to hunger. The starting impression of the meal was actually not bad, especially with the hipster interior design and decent spread of food available.

The pork belly was one of the better choices due to its tender meat (though it wasn't so fantastic overall). Unfortunately, the standards started to drop throughout our meal, the marinated meat started to get overly salty even when the grill was changed. Towards the end, I couldn't stand putting another piece into my mouth because it was way too salty and I had to drink quite a lot of water as compared to usual.

My friend also commented that the standards have dropped from the first time of her visit and she was quite disappointed with the soup. I felt that it was such a pity as it is really such a lovely place to settle your BBQ/ Steamboat cravings for an affordable price. Perhaps this was a hit and miss situation and hopefully they have better standards for their new outlet at Burlington Square!

Hao Lai Wu Steamboat & BBQ Price:
Lunch: $18.80+ 
Dinner: $23.80+ (Weekdays)/ $24.80+ (Weekends)

8 Sago Street
Singapore 059012

+65 62210065

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