Saturday, 10 March 2018

3rd Visit to Dim Sum Icon HK | Garfield Theme

It's a yearly affair with Dim Sum Icon whenever I go back to Hong Kong. NOPE, not bored of it yet. Obviously not because they change the theme about twice a year. I actually preferred the Spongebob Squarepants theme because I can relate to it better, but we totally missed it! I was quite surprised that the Garfield theme managed to impress us even though we're not really a fan of the cartoon.

The menu also had more items as compared to previous years so we had a difficult time ordering our food. And we only had 1 hour to dine in. The time limit was crazy given that you needed time to order, wait for the food to arrive, take tons of pics before digging in. But we can totally understand why this is necessary, there was already a huge crowd waiting in line before the restaurant even opened at 11am.

Dim Sum Icon Menu:

As usual, the food standard is average, but definitely higher than most cartoon cafes in Singapore (Sadly that's the truth). There's a few hits and misses, some of the Har Kau had quite a thick skin and was a tad dry. Other than a few criticisms here and there, most of the food tasted quite nice if you don't visit with high expectations.

The average price of each dish is about HK50 = SGD8 (I think it's really reasonable given that they really spent so much effort on the design!)


(Sometimes I wonder to myself why do I still get so excitable when I make so much cartoon desserts myself hahahhaha) 

I wouldn't recommend ordering drinks as it's not really worth it in my opinion, my drink tasted like artificial flavouring. There was a cookie decor on the drink which was pretty cute. But the cookie was so hard to bite. And I had to rush my drinks so quickly due to the time limit.

I'll probably continue to visit every year if I could, even if the characters are not those that I love or even relate to. In fact, how often do you get to visit such a non-mainstream cartoon cafe?

I was actually hoping for a Tsum tsum theme, but maybe not. It's too common. I hope they will come out with more nostalgic cartoon - perhaps Tom & Jerry?

Dim Sum Icon
The One, L308
100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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