Sunday, 29 April 2018

Random highlights of our BKK trip in April 2018

I'm back from my holidays! My friend told me that if I stayed there any longer I'm migrating there. True enough, friends around us were quite shocked to know that we went to BKK for 8 days. Tbh that's a little long for a BKK trip but you got to maximise the numbers of days since the flight is already paid for. #monicelogic

The trip might seem a little long to some but if you prefer a relaxing holiday, 1 week is the way to go especially with our plans to visit animal cafes and night markets. I can't wait to write about some of the cafes we have explored, but first, here are some highlights of our trip. This might be quite wordy but I would love to look back at these memories years from now :) I have been blogging a lot about reviews and I really want this space to be part of my personal diary.

Anyway... my bf totally freaked me out on the first night of our trip, thanks to the crickets that he bought at the night market. He have tried it many times last year with no issues, but almost immediately after he ate 1 plate of those, he kept sneezing. I didn't really think too much into it as he always has a sensitive nose, and I thought it might just be the polluted air. But no, it didn't stop there. It was more serious than usual and he had some red swollen bumps on his neck and thigh (Not too many, just a few, but it was quite unusual). I assume it was an allergic reaction, and who knows what these insects contain right? Thankfully my mum packed me a life saviour pouch filled with medicine, and I had some runny nose pills which were effective for allergies somehow.


Comparing to our previous trip, we were spending a lot more on shopping. But shopping in BKK means a little more money spent can get you a lot more clothes. And I didn't want to have any shopping regrets like last year, I felt like I didn't get enough. And I think it's never enough right? (My mum just told me that my wardrobe has insufficient space)

We brought about $1200 worth of Thai baht + additional S$200 just in case. And at the back of my mind I kept worrying that we do not have enough, because I forgot to budget for my souvenirs. NEXT YEAR, I WILL BRING MORE.

My friend Alicia kept recommending me the hotel's room service since last year but I've yet to try. I thought that it's a good opportunity since I was a little worried about insufficient cash. The room service turned out really delicious! It's not 5 stars quality but definitely delicious for room service standards. Carbonara is a must-try! The dishes mostly range from 200baht onwards. We're staying in Berkeley Hotel btw!

We also visited JJ Green which was an impromptu decision at the very last minute. We didn't really have solid plans for dinner and Siam area was getting boring after a while. We were a little reluctant at first due to the heavy traffic jam and increase in Grab fare. Knowing its a famous tourist market to visit, we gave it a try and we had NO REGRETS. We had some of the best buys at the market (It was so huge we're not sure if we finished combing the whole area?) Best impromptu decision made.

Shopping was really fantastic this year. I didn't really have much regret buys, maybe 1 or 2 pieces (But I got it at quite a low price so I can still sell it to cover my cost). Other than that, I'm happy! The best steal was our denim jacket. We got 1 each for 100 baht (~$4) OMG. Bf also bought many of his favourites like Godzilla, Joker and Chrome hearts. I also bought myself a Joker, Cap America and Spiderman plain t. Spiderman specifically to watch Avengers Infinity war!!!

We went to quite a few Animal cafes as well! Skipped the last one - House of Paws as there weren't as much dogs as before. Actually main reason was because it was compulsory to order a dessert + drink set, and I was damn bloated already. The best cafe experience was at Big Dog Cafe, I will blog more about that soon! #reallybigdog
Big Dog Cafe

Truelove Neverland

Pooltime Raccoon Cafe

Last silly highlight of the trip goes to Burger King. Oh gosh, you want to make a guess how much would it cost to have a Burger King meal at BKK Airport?

Bf just went ahead to order the meal without thinking too much, who would expect much from a normal fast food meal right? And guess what? 2 normal meals + upsize = 830 baht (~$32) I NEARLY FAINTED. (Just kidding). But really heartpain ttm. Just the burger ala-carte alone its almost 10 bucks. Went to do a quick search on Google, and apparently we're not the only one saying this. No more Burger King in BKK Airport anymore.

This ends the random highlights of our BKK trip! Stay tuned for my reviews if you're interested to know more about the cafes or you can read more here:

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