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My 5D4N Stay at Dorsett Mongkok (Hong Kong)

It has been a really long time since I've stayed in hotels when I travel back to Hong Kong to visit my relatives. Serene was casually telling me that she hasn't been to HK yet and I was like, why not we go together? I can bring you around. (Not that I know the place so well, but at least it was somewhere I felt comfortable traveling without my bf/family). It was my first trip with a friend after all. And language barrier wouldn't be an issue.

We searched for Expedia deals and snagged a great deal at only $851.20 for 2 pax inclusive of 5D4N stay at Dorsett Mongkok and a return flight with Scoot. Sounds really reasonable to us! We didn't want to spend too much on accommodation and this boutique hotel seems really neat and clean from the reviews/ photos.

Thankfully, the hotel was only a 5-min walk away from the nearest station - Olympic. Come out of Exit B and walk to the HSBC Tower 2-3, head down the escalator, cross a small road and continue walking down (there will be …

Big Dog Cafe at BKK

I have blogged about a few animal cafes before but Big Dog Cafe Bangkok was so far the best I have been to. Located just opposite the new Rod Fai night market, this makes it easier for me to plan out my itinerary as we can visit the market after the cafe. Really living up to its name, Big Dog Cafe really has a lot of big dogs! And when I mention big, I mean really big! This dog below kinda reminds me of the dog in Little Mermaid. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Big Dog Cafe was really helpful with my Facebook enquiries and me being paranoid, I also made a reservation in case of the crowd.

I was honestly quite impressed by the number of dogs they have in their cafe, but instead of crowding all the dogs together, the dogs take turn to come out to the play area for about 15 minutes and they will head back indoors for their rest. 
While this dog cafe offers an extensive range of food from small bites, drinks to even main dishes, we didn't order any food and settled with drinks instead (G…

Ha-Mess Taqueria at 33 Bali Lane

When you think of alcohol, what finger food comes to your mind? Chicken Wings? Fries? How about Tacos and Quesadillas for a change! Ha-Mess Taqueria is a newly opened bar along Bali Lane that serves Mexican cuisine, and it sounds like a lovely place to chill with your friends/ colleagues after work! 

We had the Spicy Chicken and Chile Beef Tacos, as well as Chile Beef and Chargrilled Shrimp Salsa Quesadillas. This is the kind of unassuming dish that got you fooled. While it looked simple without any fanciful plating decor, this dish is packed with so much flavours that got me munching on non-stop. Let's start with the Tacos first. The tortilla wrap had a perfect crisp (at least that's what I think). I ever had tacos with the wrap that was either way too crunchy like chips, or they are too hard to bite on. It wasn't a messy affair which was a bonus. 
Don't freak out too much if you're seeing too many "spicy" and "chilli" descriptions, my bf is n…