Monday, 14 May 2018

Ha-Mess Taqueria at 33 Bali Lane

When you think of alcohol, what finger food comes to your mind? Chicken Wings? Fries? How about Tacos and Quesadillas for a change! Ha-Mess Taqueria is a newly opened bar along Bali Lane that serves Mexican cuisine, and it sounds like a lovely place to chill with your friends/ colleagues after work! 

We had the Spicy Chicken and Chile Beef Tacos, as well as Chile Beef and Chargrilled Shrimp Salsa Quesadillas.
This is the kind of unassuming dish that got you fooled. While it looked simple without any fanciful plating decor, this dish is packed with so much flavours that got me munching on non-stop. Let's start with the Tacos first. The tortilla wrap had a perfect crisp (at least that's what I think). I ever had tacos with the wrap that was either way too crunchy like chips, or they are too hard to bite on. It wasn't a messy affair which was a bonus. 

Don't freak out too much if you're seeing too many "spicy" and "chilli" descriptions, my bf is not really a spice lover (in fact pretty bad at eating spicy food), but he was enjoying it all the way. The overall taste was balanced, not overpowering and just perfect for our palate. Both of us agreed that the Spicy chicken tacos tasted better, although both are worth dirtying your hands for. (No wonder it's called Ha-mess which means Happy Mess!)

The Quesadillas did not disappoint as well. The portion was so generous that the beef was almost overflowing from the wrap. If you're really hungry and want something shiok to go with your drinks, go for this. Almost like a spicy version of Spaghetti Bolognese but in a wrap with an extra kick of flavours.

I personally prefer the Chargrilled Shrimp Salsa which was sweet and tangy. Comparing to the Chile Beef, this was also lighter for my palate. I could do with a little more prawns in my dish, but otherwise everything was satisfying enough. I love how such a well-balanced dish was created from simple ingredients and it can actually taste so delicious.

Updated menu:

It was a very simple and unpretentious meal, but it left us truly satisfied. I'm definitely coming back for the tacos if I'm around Bugis!

Great place for drinks and tacos!

Ha-Mess Taqueria
33 Bali Ln, Singapore 189869

P.S. This is a food tasting invite but all opinions are my own

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