Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Gaston Luga - Classy Mini for Petite Girls (Promo code: monice15)

Gaston Luga backpacks have always caught my attention due to its classic and minimalistic design, making the bags a great accessory for most occasions. While I really loved their previous launches, the bags were still quite big for my size, though I have to credit that they were indeed awesome for travel or school purposes. When Gaston Luga finally launched the Classy Mini for petite girls like me, I was excited! This design is easily my favourite out of their entire collection.

Measuring about 20 x 30 x 7 cm, the Classy Mini is a mini version (like a little sister) of the Classy collection. Perfect for petite girls like me!

While I usually carry tote bags on certain days if I need to dump in a whole load of stuff in for convenience, I do prefer cute and simple backpacks when I'm a little dressed down, yet I want to look presentable especially if I'm heading to Town. I usually avoid carrying backpacks when I'm wearing a dress, but because of its cute size, the Classy Mini matches most of my outfits. 

In this case, I was wearing a white lace crop top with denim shorts.

The Classy Mini is small and handy, allowing me to pack my daily essentials like my phone, wallet, bottle, lip product, tissue, cardigan and occasionally even my Nintendo Switch! The bag also includes inner pockets for small loose items. I can foresee myself using this bag more often now! 

Bonus point? It looks insta-worth for your OOTD! Don't you agree with me too?

If you have dilemma issues and cannot decide on which colour to get, the bag is actually customisable with different coloured flap tops - Black, Pink, Burgundy or Brown. Before you are concerned about the additional price you have to pay, every Classy Mini purchase will come with an additional flap top of your choice!

I chose the colour Brown due to its versatility for most looks as compared to the rest. The bag with the brown flap actually looks quite cute with a simple flowery dress. I wore it for my dinner cruise at Royal Albatross last Friday and thought that it's quite a great alternative to handbags if you are going for a semi casual style.

Do not be mistaken by the complex strap at the front of the bag. The bag opens and closes with a magnetic clasp instead. I understand the pain of having such difficulty to take out items from your bag, and thankfully this bag doesn't give me that kind of hassle.  

Gaston Luga bags are not only ideal for personal use, they are excellent for gifts such as Christmas and Valentine's Day (Additional gift packaging will also be available upon request) 

You can enjoy 15% discount with my promo code "monice15" and that's not all!

On top of that, it is always FREE SHIPPING + additional 20% off as tax rebate (non-EU country).

A $199 bag on Gaston Luga website will actually only cost you $135.32, so much savings! 

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