Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Flame Cafe - Affordable Western Dishes with an Asian twist

The Flame Cafe, well known for their 4 tier Pagoda steamboat along Tai Seng, has a hidden and underrated lunch menu that is worth travelling down for. We have previously tasted the Ayam Lemak Chilli Padi Pasta, and the taste still lingers at the back of my mind till now. They have recently launched a new Western Ala-carte menu with a wider range of mains, appetizers and desserts!

Honey Lemongrass Cooler, Roy Rogers, Fizzy Rasp
$7.90 each

These signature drinks are probably not easily found in other restaurants, give them a try if you're feeling adventerous! I was drawn to the Fizzy Rasp although Roy Rogers sounded really unique. Fizzy Rasp was a delicious mix of citrus Orange Syrup and fruity notes of Apple Raspberry. Roy Rogers is a combination of coke, cherry and grenadine. The cherry taste might be overpowering to some, so it depends on your preferences and liking towards cherry flavour, but it's not for me. Honey Lemongrass Cooler was a refreshing drink with a hint of sweetness from the honey. 

Battered Fried Calamari

The lightly battered fried Calamari was a great appetizer to start off your meal. Not overwhelmed with seasoning, the texture was also great and I didn't feel like I was going to have a sore throat after eating a few pieces.

Mussels Carbonara 

The first bite of the carbonara caught me by surprise as I wasn't expecting such a rich and creamy texture. I had a fair share of carbonara from other places which were either too dry or bland in flavour. But this plate of pasta was close to perfection for my tastebuds.

Despite the underwhelmed mussels which were slightly overcooked, I was still rather pleased with the overall dish. Where else can you find such fantastic carbonara for such an affordable price? To be honest, I would totally order this dish for the same price even without the mussels. Not to mention, it was pretty filling in a good way.

Rendang Beef Burger 

Skip the usuals and start digging in this unique Rendang Beef Burger (comes in Chicken too). I love the mix of tenderness and chewiness of the fats which was a seamless combination for my kind of patty. The Rendang sauce was not exactly the "BAM, in your face" kinda level, but I actually preferred it that way as I don't usually fancy overly strong flavours. It tasted pretty sufficient to my expectations and I really enjoyed the burger.

Grilled Salmon 

The Salmon steak, matched with citrus and tangy sauce, tasted refreshing. Most importantly, the salmon was fresh and tender. No matter how flavorful the dish is, a piece of salmon cannot be saved if it is overcooked.

Green Tea Mousse Cake

For the Matcha lovers! A delicate treat served in a wine-glass lookalike, layered with green tea mousse, yoghurt and OREOS. It was a pleasant surprise to have a mixture of flavours in one dish. The matcha was also not overly sweet, although it still has potential to be improved in terms of "matcha-ness". 

Banana Fritters

The Banana Fritters, a lovely crispy treat for both adults and children! Bf claimed that it would suit chocolate ice cream better but I felt otherwise, the vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce was a perfect balance to the sweetness.

If you're working around area, do pop by their restaurant to try out their really affordable dishes which has great taste and standard! Otherwise, you have to try their 4 tier pagoda steamboat if you haven't already done so!

The Flame Cafe

73 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Centro Bianco #01-01
Singapore 534818

Contact: 6282 0251

This is a food tasting invite, but all opinions are of my own.

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