Saturday, 16 June 2018

Why should I buy a Nintendo Switch?

I can't believe I just bought myself a Nintendo Switch! I have to admit that I wasn't really interested in the Switch when it was first launched. After my friends bought the game, I was more receptive to find out about the console and realised its benefits that I have never really considered back then. And I have absolutely no regrets! (At least for now)

I used to have Playstation, Xbox and Wii at home when I was younger. But my first ever console which I bought with my own money was the new 3DS XL. That excitement was real, even shopping for clothes/make up doesn't beat this.

With increased orders and a busier schedule, life can be a little mundane after a while. Not that I don't enjoy my current life (I might actually be at my happiest peak where my career is growing and I'm in a happy r/s), but you just need that little extra spark in life and also an extra hobby for our dating time, if you get what I mean.

Lazada is currently offering a great deal - $399 with 1 year local warranty (The best I've seen so far apart from the Ezbuy $165 promotion which was gone in less than a second). If you have a Shopback account, you can earn additional 1% rebate too.

It was initially a solid decision for me to get the grey console as I didn't fancy bright colours. But after seeing the striking red and blue consoles everywhere online, I started to regret a little as the grey seems too dull in comparison. While red/blue is more popular and might actually be easier to resell in the future, I did consider the fact that the colours might be too distracting for my eyes while I am playing the game. I might also be convincing myself because I have already placed the order..

To cover up that mini regret, I bought myself a Mario pouch to protect the console and the cartridges. SO CUTE RIGHT?

After comparing prices over the different platforms such as Carousell, Shopee, Lazada, I found some good deals for the first 3 games that I bought - Overcooked ($42), Fifa 18 ($47.90) and Mario Odyssey ($65.50). 

Overcooked is a recent game that I've played at Playnation and it's seriously so addictive! It should be quite popular as I've seen many people playing the game too. If you haven't tried, it's basically a game where one person cuts the ingredients and another will control the cooking. Friends can team up together to complete the order within a certain timeframe. Surprisingly, the single player mode was actually really fun too, and of course way more challenging.

Mario Odyssey was bought out of curiosity as it was known to be 1 of the best-selling games. And of course, I did a little research about it and found out that it was similar to Super Mario but with a 360deg perspective as compared to the classic Mario adventure games. I'm loving the game so far and it's a excellent single-player game especially if you love solving challenges. It really makes you work your brains, but maybe not too much such that you are still able to enjoy it as leisure.

Fifa 18 was bought for my bf to play at my house while he is waiting for me to finish up my baking stuff. I do enjoy the multiplayer mode, but I have yet to try it on the switch as we were busy playing Overcooked recently.

If you are playing single player mode on the TV, you can attach the controller onto your Joycon grip. Alternatively, you can purchase the Switch pro controller (Wired or wireless) for a better grip. The wired controller ranges from $36-50 in shops.

It's a good investment if you find that the joycon is too small for your hands. Since my hands are pretty small, I find it manageable to game properly.

It took me a while to find the HDMI input on the TV as my TV is stuck to the wall and the spacing is quite tight. Other than that, the switch dock is pretty easy to set up. 

You can create a few Nintendo user account so that the game can be saved separately and there won't be any clashes. I created a cute dino (Yoshi) for my profile whereas my bf took the T-rex icon!

I feel like the Nintendo Switch is a really good investment as compared to the Nintendo 3DS because its like a perfect combination of the 3DS and Wii, where you can easily play games on your console or on the TV.

Gaming may also get boring after a while if you're only playing it alone. The Switch has multiplayer functions that allows you to invite friends over for a fun gaming session. I don't see a strong reason in getting Xbox or PS4 because of the switch's portability, unless of course there are certain games offered in those that Switch doesn't have.

I was hoping to see more fighting games (Tekken, Marvel vs Capcom, Injustice) in Nintendo Switch and especially the Pokemon games like Pokemon Sun & Moon. They have recently announced a new Pokemon game coming out in November 2018. Not much details have been given yet apart from their official trailer, and it seems similar to Pokemon Go which I do not fancy much at the moment. But I am definitely to curious to see how the game will work out! Who knows I might get my hands on one!

Other than that, I have been enjoying my switch so far! ;)

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