Wednesday, 25 July 2018

5 simple ways to worry less and stay positive

THINK POSITIVE! Oh what a cliche it seems, doesn't it? Easy to say, yet difficult to fulfil for many out there. And yes, of course including myself at times too. I have my times of anxiety and stress, and wallowing myself in negativity isn't helping a single bit. Here are some little tips to help yourself feel better! While I may not be an expert in this field, these have helped me felt better at times, and I hope that it will help you too.

Note down the things you are grateful for

A friend of mine taught me about this, she asked me to write down the things I am grateful about, including all the small things no matter how insignificant it may seem. It might seem like a really simple idea, but this helps to remind myself of how I should be thankful for the little happy things in life, and any worries or obstacles are just temporary. When you're grateful, you tend to complain less too.

If you are feeling artistic, you can even write down happy notes, roll it up and place it in a mason jar! Adds as a decorative element to your room too.

Find bits and pieces of joy

When things are tough once in awhile, people always tell you to think positive. But thinking positive sounds kinda vague, don't you think so? Find some joy in your life, depending on what works for you. Cheap thrills, games, shopping, and whatsoever. For me, food is one of the biggest motivation ever. So lets say if I am really busy on that day, I would reward myself with my favourite cravings like Pokebowl! At least this makes me happier at a small cost.

But of course, every individual has different motivations, you'll have to find one and balance your happiness with it!

Recall redundant worries from the past

When was the last time you had a panic attack about something which was solved in no time?

That's right! Recall those moments and tell yourself that there is actually not much to worry about as things will eventually sort its way out. This is a really effective method as it is a solid proof that you might just be too paranoid at times. #truestory

Be Prepared

Some people often neglect the importance of preparation, but it's actually a useful tip in building up confidence and thus overall positivity. List down the things you have to complete and also go through the steps mentally (if it is a complex issue). This allows you to take better control of the situation and be confident for it.

Of course, this only helps with anxiety/ worries/ panic attack but not so much when you're feeling sad. I guess my main issue is always over worrying hence this is one method that really helped me a lot! 

Look forward to your next excitement

If all else fails, just try to look forward to something happy over the next few hours, days or even weeks. Having something to look forward to makes it a lot easier to tide past the current difficulties, which makes you hang on there.

While this may not be applicable to everyone, I hope it can help you stay positive through your tough times!

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