Friday, 6 July 2018

Pooltime Cafe at Bangkok | Playing with Raccoons

Bangkok is not short of unique animal cafes and Pooltime Racoon Cafe proved this point well! Obviously this has to be in my travel itinerary because I need to fill up my list of the different types of animals I have interacted with. Raccoons are not easily available anywhere else especially in Singapore so this was a rare opportunity for me to experience playing with Raccoons. Pooltime Cafe wasn't located near the popular areas, but Grab is really convenient and cheap, hence it wasn't really a problem for us. 

We arrived shortly after their opening hours and we might just be the first customers as it was completely empty. The theme was kept to minimalistic pink, blue and white colour tones and it was quite relaxing to chill at this cafe with a cuppa coffee. Judging by the lack of customers (not sure if its because of the non peak hours), this cafe is rather underrated in my opinion, and it could be due to the lack of online exposure as compared to other prominent cafes, such as the husky one. 

Even with such a sleek and simple marble design, instagram opportunities were not lacked of. I was quite surprised that bf ordered the Pooltime signature milkshake (150 baht) instead of his usual favourite - Iced chocolate. But that means YAY, more pretty photos for me isn't it? I never really fancied artificial coloring/ flavouring in my drinks so the taste was pretty normal, but thankfully it wasn't overly sweet like others. 

A single ticket costs 150 baht per person, and you get to play with the raccoons for about 15 minutes. If no one is waiting in line, they might extend the time for you. I was told by the FB admin that you are also allowed to requeue after 15 minutes of playtime and there won't be additional charges!

Looks like I've got a matching outfit! 

Pooltime Raccoon Cafe Menu

Due to safety and hygiene reasons, the raccoons are not allowed to roam around the cafe freely and there is a segregated play room for us to interact with them on the second storey.

We were also given some snacks to feed to the raccoons. It was rather difficult to snap a photo because they would snatch the food from your hands very quickly.

They are also really active and enjoy climbing around. Playful little raccoons! 

While it might not be as happening as some popular animal cafes, it is a really good experience for those who wants to interact with animals other than the usual dogs/ cats/ rabbits. Pooltime Cafe is also a cosy place to chill with your friends and of course, to take plenty of selfies. (We sppotted 2 girls sitting nearby and they were busy taking OOTDs in the cafe). Overall, it was an unique experience, and I'm just wondering why there were not a lot of people. 

Pooltime Cafe
582/11 Between Ekkamai 26-28 (Tai Ping Tower)
Bangkok, Thailand

+66 90 652 4109

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