Friday, 20 December 2019

Walking on Sunshine | Pamper & Prosecco Party

Planning a girl's day out with your girlfriends? Or looking for activities to do for your hen's party? Walking on Sunshine has a new promotional package called the Pamper & Prosecco Party, which is inspired by Ladies Night!

On every Wednesday 10am-10pm, enjoy a hairstyling service with Dyson Supersonic while sipping on a glass of Prosecco (free flow). After getting your hair all glammed up, have a mini photoshoot with their photographers if you like!

Photo credit: Gwen

Not just like any other ordinary salon, Walking on Sunshine makes a great place for a nice pampering session because of the ambience and nature theme. Once you step foot into the salon or cafe area, you'll be greeted with a lush and beautiful "garden" filled with potted plants and vines hanging around the salon. 

Photo credit: Gwen

Photo credit: Gwen

The stylist suggested to give me some large curls so I went along with it. During the process, I was also given some nail pampering mask to get smooth fingers! Enjoying life to the max! 

Photo Credit: Walking on Sunshine 

Although I already had my hair permed about a week ago, the curls were quite messy as I did not have time to style my hair properly. Thankfully, I was given this hairstyling session right before my company event! This opportunity came at the right time! I love the big bouncy curls as it gives my hair a lot more volume than before. 

My colleagues could tell that I specially went to set my hair and I even received compliments that day! 

Photo Credit: Walking on Sunshine

Photo Credit: Walking on Sunshine

For just $30, the price is quite affordable especially when it comes with free flow Prosecco! I don't really fancy alcoholic drinks but if you enjoy drinking, this is going to be a great #taitai experience! Walking on Sunshine also offers many other services such as colour, perm, treatment, and even other beauty services such as manicure. 

Photo Credit: Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine
181 Orchard Road, #03-07 Orchard Central, 238896
Salon: (+65)8877 8800
Cafe: (+65)8877 0088

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

My Business Class Flight Experience with Singapore Airlines

As I’ve grown older, I’ve also grown out of the excitement of taking a plane. All those turbulence that seem like a fun roller coaster ride, freaks me out now (probably due to too much disaster movies I’ve watched). As my family was at Beijing and I had to travel alone to meet them at Shanghai, my very thoughtful parents redeemed a Business class ticket so that I could enjoy the food and facilities without being lonely. Awww.

For those who are intending to splurge on the Business class for your vacation, here’s a review of my experience!

Having a business class ticket has one really great advantage - you literally get priority for almost everything. From check-in counters, boarding the plane, to baggage claims, you can cut the queue and there’s hardly any waiting time. But then again, there’s not really a need to rush into the plane especially if it’s a long haul flight where you will have to sit for several hours.

Before the boarding time, I was able to visit the Krisflyer Business Class Lounge to rest and enjoy my food. The place was pretty crowded when I arrived hence I didn’t have much opportunity to take many photos. To be honest, I felt quite out of place. They serve a wider selection of food and drinks compared to the normal lounge. And I was excited to see that they have different types of croissants from Tiong Bahru Bakery as well! Even though the lounge was filled with people, it was spacious enough for me to easily find a seat at the corner after grabbing some food.

IG story: @m0nice
I hardly had to wait during the boarding process too! But I would prefer to go up the plane at a later timing especially for long haul flights. I have to admit, it felt quite awesome to be able to enter through a different door and also to enjoy a more attentive service from the crew.

Even though I had only slept for a couple of hours, I told myself to stay awake throughout the flight so that I could enjoy it properly. The best part of Business class is obviously the seat! It was super spacious and I had one corner to myself. No more elbow hitting or squeezing through to get to the toilets.

There's a row of buttons for you to adjust your seat, honestly I was very confused at the start and had to trial and error many times to figure them out. If you need to take a nap, you can even straighten the whole chair and turn it into a mini bed. I also like how the side panel gives me more privacy so that others can't really peep over when I'm really unglam.

The food served on Business class flights are also a lot more appetising and atas. I was so happy to see satay on the menu! They were very meticulous about everything and even checked if I prefer the sauce to be on the side or drizzled over the satay. I was also very impressed when they placed a tablecloth over my table before serving. Wow. Effort 100%. The smoked duck was actually pretty good! The fat to meat ratio was just nice. 

The beef pho tasted more like normal beef horfun but still acceptable as I wasn't expecting high class restaurant standards on a plane. Besides, I was already super full from non-stop eating since 7am in the morning. 

Overall, the experience on a Business class flight was super awesome! Of course, it comes with a hefty price as well. I count myself lucky to be able to enjoy it from miles redemption! If you're able to afford this and don't mind splurging the money, you have to try it at least once in your lifetime!

Monday, 2 December 2019

Review | Hashtag Cafe | Probably The Best Burger I've Tried

Thanks to the Entertainer app, my bro and I managed to find this hidden gem near Arab Street while we were out to try out another Ice-cream cafe nearby! It was a rather spontaneous decision as we chanced upon this random cafe while searching for nearby 1-for-1 deals. The name sounded quite quirky and interesting so we were thinking, why not give this a try?

The cafe may seem rather small on first glance, but there are actually extra tables on the 2nd level which are enough to cater for large group gatherings. Hashtag Cafe serves up Halal Western fusion dishes that are relatively affordable which did not disappoint as well. 

As we wanted to save our tummies for dessert, we only ordered 2 mains from their menu. We initially wanted the Slipper Lobster & Mussel Pasta but it was sadly unavailable that day. Well, it's probably a blessing in disguise because the alternative we've picked really did give us a pleasant surprise - Linguine Kolam (Pond)($21.50)! I love how they combine the essence of a traditional Malay dish into a pasta broth that has just the right amount of flavour and spiciness kick. Fusion right on point there! The chef later told us that the dish was inspired from a traditional home-cooked meal that was prepared by their mother.

On the other hand, the Nacho Cheezy Burgs ($17.80), seemingly ordinary and unpretentious, just wow-ed our taste buds on the first bite. Who doesn't love a delicious burger? There was absolutely nothing to complain about. The texture and taste was delightful and everything was balanced properly. The patty was juicy and meat-to-fat ratio was perfect. The fresh and fragrant bun, together with the warmy and gooey nacho cheese, came together in perfect harmony.

Just look at that generous portion of overflowing nacho cheese! 

I don't usually fancy burgers because it's simply hard to find a good one that suit my palate (not overly salty). But this was the bomb! We can't stop talking about it after that meal. Yes, it is that good, and I have never NEVER craved for a specific burger this much. 

While I usually do not step foot in the same cafe within a period of time, I can see myself revisiting Hashtag Cafe soon, because of the best burger I've tried. My brother would probably agree too. 

Some other interesting dishes include Has#tag Samyang Ribs, Szechuan NZ Ribeye and D24 Durian Molten Lava Cake.

Hashtag Cafe
743 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198711
9722 4628

Saturday, 16 November 2019

A1 Crab Vermicelli Review

I've been dying to try the A One Crab Vermicelli after seeing so many good reviews and hype online. NTUC Fairprice online has been short of stocks for quite a while before I tried my luck and managed to order one for myself recently! The price is about $7+ which comes with 4 packets, and while it is slightly more expensive than the other brands, it's really worth the money!

Each packet comes with the vermicelli, seasoning, garnish, shredded crab meat and oil.

One thing I really like about cooking "beehoon" type of noodles, is the short waiting time as compared to instant noodles. I can get really impatient waiting for the noodles to be cooked when I'm hungry, and even 1 minute of waiting time might seem endless. #firstworldproblems

Within seconds of adding the seasoning into the soup, the soup magically turned white and milky, unlike the other brands of instant noodles which have a more translucent broth. There wasn't a very prominent crab taste but the creamy soup made the dish more fragrant. 

While the MSG taste is still prominent and you might find yourself gulping down a few glasses of ice water after your meal, I felt that it was a pretty good substitute to your cravings for a satisfying bowl of crab beehoon. 

I might actually consider putting in some crab meat in the future too!

What are your thoughts?

Friday, 1 November 2019

Walking Dead Party at Clarke Quay | 31 Oct to 2 Nov

For this year's halloween, Fox’s The Walking Dead has invaded Clarke Quay from 31 Oct to 2 Nov!

If you have ever imagined to be stuck in a zombie apocalypse and wondering if you'll ever survive in one, you will definitely enjoy the post-apocalyptic walkthrough that has iconic landscapes scenes included from the TV series. For those who didn't get a chance to visit HHN9, don't worry! You can still challenge yourself to 5 activity zones and put your test on your shooting skills to see if you have the skills to survive.

Stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as The Walking Dead merchandise and Clarke Quay F&B Vouchers. There is also a “Best Dressed” horror costume competition on 2 November, so remember to turn up in your best nightmarish outfit to scare all the Walkers away! 

1) Shooting Range 

Challenge in The Walkers shoot-out to test your marksmanship for a survival practice!

2) Mystery Boxes 

Are you daring enough to guess what are the items in the scare boxes which may be the key to your survival?

3) Scavenger Pit 

Dive into the Scavenger pit and find your treasure prize balls, and you might be in for an extra surprise (severed limbs).

4) Horror Make Up 

Head over to the makeup booth and put on some blood and gut make up to live among The Walker herds!

5) Photo Booth 

Didn't come fully dressed to celebrate Halloween? Don't worry! Head over to the photo booth after putting on some horrifying make up and take some scary photos with your victorious poses.

Collect 3 out of 5 stamps and you'll walk away with a goodie bag and vouchers! 

The Walking Dead @ Clarke Quay
3 River Valley Road, Singapore 179024

And special thanks to Highlander Bar for the awesome Halloween themed canapé and drinks!

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Maldives Resort REVIEW | Honeymoon Trip (16-20 Sep 19)

Remember my previous post about how I went through a dilemma of choosing between two Maldives resorts? I was pretty confident about choosing Adaaran Prestige Vadoo for our Honeymoon trip based on their online reviews, and they have indeed greatly surpassed our expectations. Their customer service standards were top notch right from the beginning with their efficient and quick responses via email.

Warning: This review would be a really long and detailed one, but I assure you it's gonna be worth reading if you're really considering Adaaran Prestige Vadoo for your Maldives holidays! 


Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is really near the Malé International Airport, and this minimises any extra costs and travelling time.

Upon our arrival at Maldives International Airport, we had to look for the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo transfer booth to wait for our speedboat transfer. Remember to email the resort to make arrangements in advance at USD130/ pax. As we arrived at the resort, we were warmly greeted by a few staffs with a garland and welcome drink. It's a really nice feeling to be treated like VIPs!

Instead of heading to the reception counter to do our check-in personally, we were ushered to the bar where they settled everything for us swiftly. They were really nice to make dinner arrangements at the Farivalhu Restaurant even though it was almost 9pm! I was honestly so glad that I chose Adaaran in the end mainly due to the dining options.

Our All-inclusive band
Before our dinner, we were brought to our villa for a short tour. The walking distance can be quite far (if you consider yourself a lazy person). Glad that they have the buggy service so that I did not have to drag myself out under the hot sun.

Throughout the stay, a butler will also be assigned to our room and he will be the one to take care of our welfare and assist us in any tours/ activity bookings. Manu was our butler and his service was really fantastic. In fact, all the other staff were also really good in their services, and all of them gave out a really genuine and friendly vibe.


Adaaran Prestige Vadoo only has over water villas, and they are categorised into 3 different types:

1) Sunrise Water Villa – Rooms facing the east with a view of the sunrise (beach view)

2) Sunset Water Villa – Rooms facing the west with a view of the sunset (ocean view)

3) Honeymoon Villa – Separate from the rest of the villas with a shorter walking distance

We chose the Sunset Water Villa and I highly recommend this as you can enjoy more privacy and a gorgeous view of the sunset. 


I already knew how the rooms looked like, but I was still pleasantly surprised. In fact, the room looks better in real life, none of the videos and photos online can justify the standards of their villa. Furnished with wood and bamboo with warm palette tones, the Adaaran villas exude a cosy vibe. Complimentary Honeymoon decor and amenities were also provided. Even though it's a slight pain to remove the flowers and leaves after that, it was still a lovely moment.

Expect a really spacious room and a large bathroom that even has an outdoor Jacuzzi!

Personally, I really dislike bathrooms that are really cramped and small, but this was the complete opposite! They even provide two basin areas so you won't have to fight with your partner over the space. How thoughtful!

The see-through glass panel on the floor allows you to catch a glimpse of fishes and if you're lucky enough, you might be able to spot a manta ray or reef shark too!

Unfortunately, we can't really appreciate the rain shower.. While it seems luxurious to have one in your bathroom, its really not as practical as you think. And the water power isn't strong enough as well, so it can be quite a hassle to shower. Other than that, the facilities were all great! Hygiene was on point too. Manu told us that they usually clean the room twice a day!

There is also a TV in front of the Jacuzzi! #enjoylife


Staying at an over water villa at Maldives has always been my childhood dream, and this is an absolute dream come true! It's such an awesome feeling to be able to wake up to such a stunning view. There is also a short stairway that directly leads to the shallow ocean floor where you can enjoy snorkelling at your convenience. For the all-inclusive plan, rental of snorkelling equipment is also complimentary.

I initially wanted to bring giant inflatable float to Maldives, but it was too bulky and troublesome. So I settled for the mini drink floats instead! Still quite instagrammable! 

One of the best moments of this Maldives trip was being able to enjoy breakfast with a view, and the service is completely complimentary! You can still choose to enjoy your breakfast at the restaurant, but we still enjoy the privacy time as we're mostly only half awake in the early morning.


Being on an all-inclusive gold plan is highly recommended, because you won't have to spend time calculating how much to spend during your trip. There are no convenient stores in the island and without the inclusive plan, you'll have to spend on ala-carte dishes which could easily amount to a similar price. It is especially value for money if you drink alcohol. 

I love how we were given different menus every single day and we could pick from our favourite selections. Yay to surprises! And in my opinion, 4-course meals like these have a more atas feel than eat-all-you-can buffets. It's up to your preferences though!

The portion was definitely filling enough, and we feel like we're eating non-stop for the entire day! I was initially worried that the variety would be repetitive but to our surprise, we were spoilt for choice, and some of the dishes were actually rather unique. It's a hit and miss for some dishes, but the overall food quality is decent and enjoyable.

Here's an example of the menu, and this changes every other day throughout our stay.

Unfortunately, the food at Japanese restaurant fell short in terms of its taste. Aside from the Sashimi which was quite fresh, the rest of the dishes were overwhelmed with salt. It was a rather disappointing meal especially when there were such high expectations due to the exclusivity. 

Service was nonetheless still fantastic. Our butler Manu even acceded to my special request of preparing a surprise birthday cake for R during our dinner on his actual birthday. I was expecting only a cake slice, but they actually prepared a whole cake for just the both of us. Effort 100/100. 


Their spa menu actually caught my attention as they have a mix of facial + spa services. While the prices were on the high side (I think this is the same across most luxurious Maldives resorts), there was a honeymoon package for us. We only visited the spa once and it was truly enjoyable. It was my first time having facial and full body massage in the same treatment. The facial is more of a relaxing one, so don't expect to get extractions here!


As we have already spent a bomb on the accommodation, we were a little reluctant to splurge too much on the tours and activities in Maldives. Moreover, the prices were overpriced as compared to other countries due to the exclusivity. But it's Maldives after all.

You shouldn't miss Scuba Diving, it was a wonderful first experience for us. Read more here:

The Sandbank trip is also recommended if you are not comfortable with scuba diving. We were brought to a small empty island for a picnic lunch and snorkelling trip. While the food was less than appetizing, especially when we had to eat under the scorching sun (there was a beach umbrella, but the weather was seriously too hot), the snorkelling trip was nonetheless a worthy adventure.

We were brought to the edge of the coral reef where you will be situated right in between the colourful reef and the deep part of the ocean. It was a drastic change in depth, and can be slightly intimidating. But we had our life jackets on so that wasn't really an issue. The view was just breathtaking, and it reminded me of Nemo swimming out into the open ocean and getting caught by humans.

The Sunset fishing trip was also quite interesting! But instead of using fishing rods, we just threw the fishing line into the water and manually pull the line with a pair of gloves. I managed to caught a fish by myself! After the trip ended, they sent it to the kitchen to prepare dinner for us too! 

Poor hubby was seasick and Manu was so kind to make special arrangements for us to dine at our villa. It was really an exceptional experience! I have to say it was really quite dark outdoors and I was relying on my phone torch, but if you're up for this romantic ambience, you're gonna enjoy it very much! 

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is no doubt a 5-star luxurious resort in Maldives at a relatively affordable price. Unlike the more prestigious and atas international resorts, Adaaran Vadoo provides a more cosy and warm ambience. I had no regrets cracking my brains and analysing every single detail prior to booking our accommodation, otherwise I would miss such a great Honeymoon experience.

Overall, we spent about SGD 6k for a 5D4N trip, including flight, accommodation and activities. While it's surely not a budget trip, it is definitely very reasonable especially since we're on an all-inclusive plan.