Saturday, 23 March 2019

Getting Rid of Acne and Clogged Pores | Review of Lifetron's Microdermabrasion Facial

Facials are effective and good in removing unwanted acne and pimples, but good skin comes from consistent efforts as well. For my daily facial regime, convenience is key! Effectiveness is no doubt the first priority, but if the product requires too much of my time, I might eventually give up on it too.

While I understand the high importance of regular facials as mentioned in my other beauty posts, this comes with high commitment of money and time (especially if you are looking for good quality ones). In this case, Lifetron's Microdermabrasion Facial Device (CM-300) would be a really good investment to help me control my breakouts!

I honestly had a tough time deciding on the facial device because there were so many options to choose from! Putting dilemmas aside, the fundamental step in choosing the right facial product for your face is to actually know your skin inside out! 

My Skin Woes

As I regularly work in the kitchen for my bakes, my breakouts can be quite serious at times. Constant cravings to heaty and spicy food doesn't help either. Clogged pores, acne, pimples, blackheads, white heads - they absolutely love to pay me a visit time to time.

A facial extraction would obviously be effective in unclogging my pores, but I also wanted something that could help me in the long run without the need to always depend on facials.

The Solution

Lifetron's Microdermabrasion Facial (CM-300) which comes with anti-acne and skin resurfacing technology, seemed like a perfect solution to my never-ending acne condition. It comes with 3 main functions:

  • Vacuum suction helps to remove dead skin
  • Blue light photon therapy
  • Negative ion massage
The cap is quite easy to place on as it is magnetic. Not to mention, it's also convenient for cleaning and drying too. 


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that uses exfoliation technique to remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells (which basically acts like a vacuum to suck away all the gunk from my pores, including blackheads, dead skin and dirt). If you have sensitive like me, use the "sensitive" exfoliating head instead.

Upon contact with my skin, there is a "vacuum" sensation from the device, which may be slightly uncomfortable. It's important to keep the device in stroking motions so that it doesn't stay too long on one area of your skin. It took me a while to get the hang of it and it was pretty easy to use after that. I also try to avoid inflamed areas like pimples otherwise it may be painful.

My skin might get a little red after the treatment for a little while, which is normal since I have sensitive skin. But it subsided really quickly, especially after using the Blue light therapy. 

*Important note: Microdermabrasion function has to be used with water or facial cleanser
Use only 2-3 times a week

Quite shiok to see all the dirt coming out from my face! Who else feels that this is so satisfying?!

Blue Light Photon Therapy

I have done enough research through my part time job about facial treatments as such and I swore by its effectiveness. The blue light is really effective in calming any redness, reducing swelling, and controlling acne breakouts. Basically, the light is mainly used to kill any bacteria on your skin, which in turns lead to quicker healing of any breakouts.

I tried it on a pimple and it subsided within 1-2 days (when it usually takes way longer than that).

I use it before leaving home in the morning as well! 

Negative Ion Massage

The negative ions from the device aids in better absorption of serums and creams deeper into the skin. The massage also helps in facial relaxation and facial lift. The vibration honestly bothers my hand a little after 5 minutes into the massage, hence I definitely prefer the quieter blue light therapy. But if you need a good and fuss-free facial massage, this will surely be useful! 

YES or NO?

Given the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the treatment, I would give this a big YES! 

The device is really fuss-free and the interchangeable heads are also easy to remove for cleaning. It's also designed in a way for easy grip. I just wished that the surface area on the top was a little larger to glide over the face, but perhaps it would not be applicable for microdermabrasion treatments.

Out of all 3 functions, the negative ion massage is the least that I used, as I'm not really a huge fan of facial massages. But the other two types are suitable for acne prone skin like mine. After using it for about a few weeks, my breakouts have been controlled. It can't be a miracle to solve acne issues overnight, but I'm glad my pores are not so clogged anymore.

If you plan to invest in a device like this, just make sure that you are fully committed in your facial routine to maximise the effects.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

#4 Journey to getting our new home | Selecting our Renovation ID

Things are starting to fall into place now and I'm getting really excited! Especially after settling the essential stuffs that gave me a major headache. Thanks to my mum who kept helping me during this period when R was super busy with his work recently, we're finally settled with the major decisions.

It just hit me that resale flats really come with a lot of additional high costs (will probably talk about this in another post), unless you plan to just move in without fixing anything. But still, I can confidently say I have no regrets as I prioritise convenience over other factors.

I also have friends who are in the same life phase as me currently, #adulthood much?

Anyway, even before we have collected our keys last year, we were already in search of renovation companies way ahead of time. Sounds a little kiasu but seriously time flies faster than you think. I'm not kidding. It just felt like not long ago and I'm panicking now.

The company that we engaged is:

Urban Design House 

Being first-time buyers, we were quite clueless on what to expect and it's still a learning journey for us. Out of all the IDs that we met, Jeremy gave us the most comfortable and reliable feeling. I actually asked many questions even before I confirmed him and he was still as patient as ever. And this has never changed. I won't be going in depth about our ID selection at the moment (as the renovation is not complete) but so far we are very pleased with his service and attitude! In fact, he was very open when we wanted to choose other contractors for certain parts of the house. No hard selling and persuading to leave a deposit to secure any promo.

There's no 100% guarantee in life but these are some main factors I take into consideration when choosing our ID. You probably have better advices but these are based on my first experience with renovation.


I mean.... Who wouldn't right? The price has to be reasonable or even affordable to begin with.

Another important thing to note is the details of the quotation. Some tend to leave out details of the quotation and that is when conflict and argument may come in later. But of course, I wouldn't ask for super fine details until I've decided to confirm.


I will always always ALWAYS cross check reviews online especially on Google/ FB before engaging any company (Including furniture).

Many renovation companies will actually hide their review page on FB, I will then google their name and see if there are any huge complaints on forums/ blogs. (Very kiasu but just to be sure)


This is probably not THAT important to some but I'd usually not even consider asking quotes from those that are too far away from me. Yes I'm that lazy, but I don't want to dread long travels just to meet my ID.

If I still face any dilemma based on the above factors, I will choose based on my gut feeling! (Basically how I feel about the person in general - whether I'm comfortable during the discussion, the way he speaks or reacts to certain stuff, etc)

If everything still doesn't turn out to be good in the end, I guess it's just my luck.

Some choose their ID based on design as well. But for our case, we didn't really have much design. For kitchen, our design is rather standard based on what I already wanted. And for toilets, we only needed to choose our wall and floor tiles. The only built-in furniture we have is the wardrobe in our dressing room, which was a really simple minimalistic design too.

We also engaged other contractors for vinyl flooring as we got a better rate elsewhere.

At this point of time, we're already half way into our renovation and we have already purchased some of our furniture! I can't wait to see the carpentry work!!

Monday, 4 March 2019

Fri-Yay with 1 for 1s!


I'm glad that we're having this impromptu Fridays meet up every now & then to catch up. It's even more convenient that we have relatively flexible weekday afternoon schedules and we stay near each other. Like we would just arrange a last min hangout at my place and we'll just do our stuff while chitchatting. Well at least I'm still working on my stuff yet I've got good company!

Jessica stayed over at my place for both of us to complete some work before we headed out for early dinner. I just realised that East Coast has a ton of 1-for-1 deals on the Entertainer app! (Yes, the app has to be paid for in case you are wondering) But it's really worth the deal if you always dine out with friends and are always on a search for promos.

We settled for Alforno East Coast and happily parked at the last 2 parking lots available. We excitedly stepped into the restaurant as we're feeling hungry just to realise that it's the wrong outlet. We were told by the staff that the one on my app is 3 bus stops down the road. What? You mean the restaurant has 2 outlets so near each other? What's the point then hahaha.

Anyway, thankfully we drove there so it was quite convenient to head over to the 2nd place.

We shared 2 pastas and a cheesy meatball dish (Total regret with the cheesy dishes), because we were extremely full at the end of our dinner. We should have probably ordered a variety instead of cheese & cream all the way.. To be fair, their Italian pastas were really awesome! While I still prefer the lighter types of pasta, I have to say that it was unexpectedly good.

Our bill was only less than $45 after the discount! Jess was so surprised when she saw the bill.

Btw I wrote about this on my blog 4 years ago: Entertainer Launch 

I love the app so much I bought it yearly subsequently. 

And my love for Acai JUST. CANNOT. STOP.

It's so refreshing as a perfect dessert even after a gelat meal, but undeniably the price is really high as well. At times I would splurge on a large bowl for about $16. 

Fave Acai brand?

I think it would be Haakon or An Acai Affair! 

I think I might be ordering an Acai for myself on Grabfood as I'm ending this post~~~