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My Online Shopping Experience with Shopee Singapore | Home & Living (Promo Code)

Let's just admit it, we're getting lazy to a point whereby shopping at retail stores seem like a chore on certain days. Yes, I'm guilty of this too! I proudly announce that at least 80% of my household and apparel stuff are purchased from online shopping apps. Why? Because it's getting too convenient, and with all the flash deals, vouchers and promotions popping out on your screen, I find it rather impossible to steer myself away from these temptations.

And Shopee is one of them!

How to use Shopee?
Shopee is free to download on Google Play or App Store, alternatively, you can also access Shopee via your laptop's website browser. If you're a first timer, simply sign up using Facebook, Google or Phone.

From fashion apparels, food, video games to even mobile gadgets, pet supplies, home appliances and more, Shopee has almost everything that we need in our daily lives. Since everything is nicely categorised and searchable with keywords, it makes shopping a lot more e…

District Sixty Five | D65

I'm so excited to share about the recent project I have started with my brother - District Sixty Five! It was initially just a brief idea about switching his previous blog to a more professional one. But in the end, we've decided to co-own the website as it would be tough for just one person to manage it. And we just spontaneously jumped into it. I mean, what could go wrong right? We're still sort of "blogging" but on a better platform instead.

The first thing we did is to brainstorm for a name. We actually almost settled for Citywanders or Citywanderers in the beginning. I thought it had a whismical feel and it suited our theme. But after several rounds of consideration and a suggested word (District) from him, I decided to add a 65 to it (Inspired by Hunger Games). The domain was not available so we changed it to District Sixty Five instead.

In case you were wondering (although I feel that it's pretty obvious), District Sixty Five because +65. Get it? Get i…

Forbidden Durian Review | D24 Durian Cigar and Mao Shan Wang Durian Roulade

I haven't been too adventurous in trying really wild Durian creations, but Durian snacks and desserts will always be my top choices. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't excited about Forbidden's Durian Treats.

Are you familiar with Sunnyhills, a Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes brand that was popular among many? Forbidden Durian is a subsidiary of Sunnyhills, and they aim to produce world-class durian specialties.

Forbidden, yet too tantalising to resist.

The D24 Durian Cigar ($12.50/ 8pcs) reminds me of the Chinese flaky egg rolls 鸡蛋卷 that I used to eat, but this is a premium version instead. The light buttery and flaky texture just ticked all the right boxes of a perfect biscuit roll.

The best part is no other than the aromatic Durian filling which is also the star of this treat!

As they are all packed individually, you could sneak out a treat just in case you have a sudden craving for Durian! (Well, that is if you aren't concerned about the Durian breath after!)

The Dur…