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Walking on Sunshine | Pamper & Prosecco Party

Planning a girl's day out with your girlfriends? Or looking for activities to do for your hen's party? Walking on Sunshine has a new promotional package called the Pamper & Prosecco Party, which is inspired by Ladies Night!

On every Wednesday 10am-10pm, enjoy a hairstyling service with Dyson Supersonic while sipping on a glass of Prosecco (free flow). After getting your hair all glammed up, have a mini photoshoot with their photographers if you like!

Not just like any other ordinary salon, Walking on Sunshine makes a great place for a nice pampering session because of the ambience and nature theme. Once you step foot into the salon or cafe area, you'll be greeted with a lush and beautiful "garden" filled with potted plants and vines hanging around the salon. 

The stylist suggested to give me some large curls so I went along with it. During the process, I was also given some nail pampering mask to get smooth fingers! Enjoying life to the max! 

Although I alread…

My Business Class Flight Experience with Singapore Airlines

As I’ve grown older, I’ve also grown out of the excitement of taking a plane. All those turbulence that seem like a fun roller coaster ride, freaks me out now (probably due to too much disaster movies I’ve watched). As my family was at Beijing and I had to travel alone to meet them at Shanghai, my very thoughtful parents redeemed a Business class ticket so that I could enjoy the food and facilities without being lonely. Awww.

For those who are intending to splurge on the Business class for your vacation, here’s a review of my experience!

Having a business class ticket has one really great advantage - you literally get priority for almost everything. From check-in counters, boarding the plane, to baggage claims, you can cut the queue and there’s hardly any waiting time. But then again, there’s not really a need to rush into the plane especially if it’s a long haul flight where you will have to sit for several hours.

Before the boarding time, I was able to visit the Krisflyer Business C…

Review | Hashtag Cafe | Probably The Best Burger I've Tried

Thanks to the Entertainer app, my bro and I managed to find this hidden gem near Arab Street while we were out to try out another Ice-cream cafe nearby! It was a rather spontaneous decision as we chanced upon this random cafe while searching for nearby 1-for-1 deals. The name sounded quite quirky and interesting so we were thinking, why not give this a try?

The cafe may seem rather small on first glance, but there are actually extra tables on the 2nd level which are enough to cater for large group gatherings. Hashtag Cafe serves up Halal Western fusion dishes that are relatively affordable which did not disappoint as well. 
As we wanted to save our tummies for dessert, we only ordered 2 mains from their menu. We initially wanted the Slipper Lobster & Mussel Pasta but it was sadly unavailable that day. Well, it's probably a blessing in disguise because the alternative we've picked really did give us a pleasant surprise - Linguine Kolam (Pond)($21.50)! I love how they combin…