JPOT - Hotpot Singapore Style

JPOT has been one of my favourite restaurants to dine in with my family! Nowadays individual hotpots are getting popular as everyone have different tastes and choices. And also because its more hygienic! With no doubt, the food tastes great and the ambience is really comfortable either for family or friends gathering. 

Here's my Laksa broth! Have been craving for spicy stuff lately and spicy broth is always sure to make everything taste so powerful and yummy. I would prefer 麻辣火锅 (Ma la "spicy" hotpot). It's super sinful as well!!

I ordered something so unhealthy and spicy yet my dad ordered herbal soup. What a drastic difference.. 

There's many other soup base like JPOT superior broth, Bak Kut Teh, Herbal, Silky porridge, Tom Yum, Vegetarian, Fish head soup, duck with salted vegetable soup

I actually enjoying mixing my own sauce as well. There's a corner with all the sauces and condiments where you can just create your own. If you can't decide what to add, there's a few lists of their special recipe sauce with specific ingredients to add in. 

Here's the completion of my own sauce! I added Soya sauce, chilli, spring onion, garlic, fried garlic and a tiny bit of chilli oil. But end up I think it's quite pointless because I ordered Laksa soup, which doesn't even match my sauce!!

At JPOT, you can choose to order set meals or ala-carte. For my family, we always prefer to order sets which include the soup, seafood, meat and rice/noodles. There are a few different combinations to choose from but here's what we've got. 

This Seafood platter always never fail to tempt me! Nicely placed with prawns, squid, fish, scallop, etc. Order ala-carte at $45. Be assured that the seafood served is fresh and yummy. The fish paste at the bottom left actually works like piping cream and thick strands of fish paste will be squeezed out into your soup. 

My favourite dish is here! Wagyu Beef! ($18) This is not included in the set menu. Only the normal sliced beef brisket or marinated beef is included in set. 

Sliced Premium Beef Short Rib ($12.80) 

They probably look almost the same, but no, beef lovers will be able to tell the difference! The wagyu beef just melts in your mouth and is more tender. I love the white areas of the beef. Usually only better quality beef has that kind of texture. Look at the price and you know it, $18 for just a few slices.. But of course it's worth the money! If you're eating non-spicy hotpot soup base, I would recommend you to dip it in raw egg, best sauce compliment! 

Fried Fish Skin

I think this taste better than potato chips! A great appetizer snack to start with.. 

Anyway, you should try the Pho (Vietnam hor fun). Super smooth and the noodles doesn't stick to each other in clumps. Usually, I don't go for noodles at the end of my hotpot session, but I just can't have enough of this. Especially in spicy soup, wowwwwww. Super delicious. 

If you're heading to JPOT, be prepared to spend about $80 for 2 person. I'm gauging this from the previous time that I dined with my boyf. Because the portions aren't very big, you won't be full from ordering the food and the price just accumulates up. And we didn't even order extra premium items.

(They have another outlet at Vivocity)
10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines 1 #03-16
Singapore 529536

Contact: 6532 3536

Anyway, since it's my Dad's birthday, thanks to JPOT, we got a birthday cake from them!  

Dad, Happy birthday!! ♥


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