Media Invite: Hee Kee Desserts 囍记 @ Jurong Point (Promo Code)


I was invited to Hee Kee 囍记 Desserts Food Tasting Session last weekend! 

囍记 which means 'Treasuring Happiness', is located in Jurong Point Mall with a vintage-inspired 40 seating. Hee Kee Desserts has much to offer - a delectable spread of 80 desserts which includes the traditional tong sui (literally translated from the Cantonese as sugar water). Most of its HongKong styled delicacies are hand-made from its in-house chefs and some are prepared with a local twist to suit the Singaporean's taste. 

I'm pretty sure I can find lotsa happiness with delicious food and desserts ☺

(This photo was taken before the rest of the bloggers reached)

We were given the TOP 6 Desserts to try! All in full size! They are really generous!!

And guess what? The top 6 desserts flavour are either mango, milk, durian or coconut! OMG! I feel like the menu was customized just for me! Haha. Can't believe it contains all my favourite flavours and I was so excited to taste them one by one.

Anyway, just a little something more about me. I was born in HongKong and migrated with my family to SG when I was almost 3. I have been going back to visit my relatives almost every year and without fail, I will try to find the best dessert shops to satisfy my cravings. At SG, to be honest, it is mostly a disappointment. But at Hee Kee, the quality and taste is really on par with some of the best you can find at HK. I am really hoping that they will soon open another outlet around the Central or East! 

I can already hear the desserts screaming for my name!!!

Traditional steamed milk pudding ($3.50) 

This is definitely one of my all-time favourite! I have always been looking for steamed milk pudding and has even resorted to making it at home. It can be served hot or chilled, but I prefer the hot one. 

What makes the traditional steamed milk pudding such a tantalizing dish is the texture of it. It is slightly wobbly and incredibly silky smooth without any air bubbles. It should be soft enough to melt in your mouth but not too watery. This has the perfect balance and the fragrance of the milk is simply too addictive.

The texture is so smooth I wished that my face is as smooth as this! 

Homemade beancurd with Gula Melaka ($3.30)

The Gula Melaka syrup added a hint of sweetness to the silky homemade beancurd with a slight camarelized taste. It would have been better if the taste of Gula Melaka syrup had slightly more flavour in it. This was one of my least favourite among the top 6 desserts, but the smooth texture of the homemade beancurd ought to deserve some credits. 

Whole coconut with coconut ice cream & peanut crush ($8.80) 

Having the whole coconut as the base makes eating dessert feel like a tropical vacation and it was served with a refreshing cup of coconut juice! I was enjoying the luscious and creamy coconut ice-cream topped with peanuts that added a good crunch to it. You know how troublesome it is to "dig" the coconut flesh out yourself usually? The white soft coconut flesh was nicely scraped out for us to enjoy conveniently. Mmmmm slurrrrppps!!

Mango Cheong Fun ($3.30 per piece) 

Any DIMSUM for you? Haha kiddin'. 

Instead of the typical savoury cheong fun you can find in restaurants, you will find yourself hooked onto the sweet version instead! The white slippery coat is made of fragrant and sweet coconut. Take a bite through the surface and you will be blessed with a surprising centre filled with a huge chunk of juicy and fresh mango. I am already in love with the silky smooth skin and the perfect combination of both has just got me addicted all over again.  

Check out how glossy and smooth the sweet coconut infused skin is! And best of all? They are hand-made! 

D24 durian sauce with sago ($5.80) 

The durian pulp was so fragrant, rich and creamy! (Of course, only for the durian lovers). In fact, the dish lived up to its name as 'D24 durian' as the flesh was really delicious and flavourful. I can feel it melting in my mouth! The texture of the "sauce" was so thick and filling that I could barely finish everything. 

Durian Pancake (From $3.30) 

Perfect for durian lovers as well. The durian pancake deserves a huge applause with its smooth consistency of the thin coconut infused skin and the softness of the creamy durian puree. There is an overall burst of flavours that makes one bite never enough! 

All the dishes here fit my tastebuds perfectly and I couldn't ask for more! You just have to taste it for yourself! Prices are quite affordable starting from about $3++ only! And guess what, there is additional promotion on top of it! 

Highly Recommended: ☑
Steamed milk pudding
Whole coconut with coconut ice-cream and peanut crush
Mango Cheong Fun


Quote "MONICE" to enjoy 10% off your bill! 
(Until 19 August 2014 only)

That's not all!

Hee Kee will be having their own Instagram contest until 19 August as well, with now up to $100 worth of vouchers to be won! All participants have to do is follow Hee Kee Desserts (@heekeedesserts) on Instagram, snap a picture and Instagram their dessert and tell us what’s so great about it and hashtag #heekeedesserts. Winners will be selected at random.

Hee Kee Desserts Address:

JP 2, Jurong Point 
1 Jurong West Central 2

Tel: 6795 0765

Hashtags (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter): #heekeedesserts 

Thank you Hee Kee Desserts and Platform PR for having me there to try such awesome desserts! 


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