Food Review: Poulét | Amazing French Roast Chicken

Poulét - means 'chicken' in French

Pouleét is a contemporary French-themed bistro offering affordable French classics. Known for its affordability, their signature dish - the Amazing French Roast Chicken, has attracted many to indulge at their casual dining restaurant. 

Escargot de Bourgogne 

Half dozen Burgundy Snails served with Tomato Fondue and Almond Garlic Butter

I just found my recent new love for Escargot. But please never mention the word "Snail" when it's inside my mouth. For those who have never tried "French Snails" before, it has a pretty much similar taste to clams, only difference is that Escargots are more meaty and chewy in general. What I love even more is the cooking style of the dish. It may look unappetizing in the photo as it resembles a mess, trust me, it just tastes so damn good the moment you place it in your mouth.

The savoury garlic butter is my absolute favourite and what makes this dish unique is the Tomato fondue that gives an extra oomph! Bf liked it the other way round, as he does not want the garlic to cover the true taste of the snail. But I never thought of what the true taste tastes like. Bleh. 

Poulét Roti (Restaurant's Star Dish)
$15.80 (Half)
$28.80 (Whole)

The poultry brined for a full day in a traditional recipe with their home-made Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce to create the perfect combination

We ordered the whole chicken because it's more worth it! Do the math yourself haha. The chicken was roasted to the perfect level and the meat was really tender and soft. I usually detest chicken breast due to its tough texture, but I finished the whole chicken till the last bits! Their home-made Mushroom sauce was a fantastic addition to the chicken as it was so rich and creamy! I wish I could have one pot of sauce so that I can drown the whole chicken in. Greedy me like usual. Bf had opposite opinions though, he felt that it was excessively creamy and it made him felt uncomfortable eating too much. Different preference I guess! 

As we overspent quite a fair bit on shopping that day, we tried not to order so much food in order to save some money. Will update this page when I try other dishes in the future!

Bugis+ (Outlet we went to)
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067
Tel: (+65) 6509 9411

There are many outlets for this restaurant, you can visit the website for more info (:


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