Nuts and Snacks Review | Online Delivery for Healthy Nuts (Promo Code)

With a major amount of time being stuck at home due to WFH scheme, snacking inevitably became one of my worst bad habits. But don't get me wrong! Snacking is not always associated with unhealthiness, there's actually a whole lot of alternative snacks choices to chips and crackers which can be equally satisfying, and much healthier too! 


Nuts and Snacks offers online delivery for healthy nuts and snacks (literally what they are called), including raw/natural nuts, dried fruits, granola. And if you still prefer something with a stronger kick, I'm happy to say that they also have spicy tidbits, roasted nuts and chocolates! My parents enjoy snacking on natural nuts after a meal, and we can now enjoy a variety of different snacks with more flexibility on customising our preferred selection and quantity.

In case you are wondering, the nuts and snacks are packaged in airtight bags to lengthen shelf life and can last for 6-9 months. Oxygen absorber is also introduced in the packaging to make the snacks longer-lasting. Overall, the prices are quite affordable and you can enjoy additional savings- 10% off for 500g purchase and 20% for 1kg purchase per item. 


Their online ordering system is quite convenient and hassle-free, especially with clearly labelled categories and photos. You can also opt for their gift and snacking box which can also be selected as a subscription basis. This is perfect for those who are not fuss-free and prefer to enjoy extra savings through a subscription. Otherwise, it's also a nice gesture to send this as a surprise to your fellow nut-lovers friends! 


I wasn't expecting 100g to be a lot and I was indeed caught by surprise by the quantity given per pack. These snacks range from $1+ to 6 per packet, with an average price of $3 only. I think that's pretty worth it! 

My favourite snack selections would be the natural nuts - Hazelnuts, Macadamia nuts, Walnuts, Almonds and more. The nuts are flavourful and crunchy, and it was a delight to munch on several varieties at one go. My favourites are the Macadamia nuts and Hazelnuts, which are considered the premium range. 

You can also order the 1kg quantity for baking too! Or even making your own Hazelnut spread, or macadamia ice-cream perhaps?

If you hate fruits and vegetables, these banana chips might change your mind. These could beat your packaged potato chips anytime. Surprisingly addictive too! I love the sweet aromatic flavours that would linger in my tastebuds. Out of all the snacks, I find myself coming back to this again and again! 

Compared to the normal cooked dishes on your dining table, the vegetable chips look and taste really appetising. I never liked carrots, but I couldn't stop munching on every different pieces. You can hear the crisp sound of every bite. But I have to say, this is a little heaty, so it's not really counted as the 'really healthy snacks'. Still worth the calories though! 

The Supreme nougat has a creamy and chewy nougat base combined with roasted nuts for added fragrance. Might be a little sweet for some though! 

I was quite excited for their chocolate range too! Chocolate Salted Caramel Popcorn, Chocolate Almond and Chocolate Pretzels. My favourite was the Chocolate Almond. For those who enjoy the combination of sweet and salty, you might find yourself leaning towards the Chocolate pretzel. Personally, I find the popcorn a little too chewy for my liking. 

For those who enjoy more crunchy snacks, you can go for Chilli and lime snippets or BBQ rice crackers. These 2 selections are more flavourful and intense, but are quite addictive at the same time. I recommend eating them in moderation though. 

Order your nuts and snacks here:

Quote "monice10off" to enjoy 10% off for minimum $40 order. 

*This post is written in collaboration with Nuts and Snacks, but all opinions are of my own


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