Fruits Delivery Singapore | Voted as 1 of the Best Fruit Deliveries in Singapore

Have you tried standing at the supermarket aisle trying your very best to filter out the best piece of fruit? Sometimes, the best-looking ones may not necessarily be the best-tasting ones. While there are many online tips and guidance in teaching you how to pick out the best fruit like melons or mangoes; it is not always that straightforward if you don't have much experience. Personally, I prefer to leave it for the professional team like Fruits Delivery Singapore to pick out the fruits for me! 

They have also been selected as one of the best Fruits Deliveries recommended by Best in Singapore.

With fruits sourced from all over the world including regions of Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan, my family and I can enjoy a huge array of over 80 types of fruits from standard to exotic varieties without having to lug bags and bags of items from the supermarket back home. For the health-conscious individuals, you'll be pleased to know that the fruits are all grown with organic farming without the usage of pesticides and chemicals. 

Be assured to receive top-notch quality batches as their products are painstakingly handpicked and chosen before they even fly into Singapore. Fruit Delivery SG also has a dedicated team of fruit experts which are located in 8 different strategic areas of Singapore to ensure that your order can be smoothly and efficiently delivered to you. With their seamless operational system, maximum freshness of their fruits is guaranteed! 

For those who are feeling bored with mainstream fruits like apple, banana, pear, and orange, you can indulge in a variety of exotic and less common fruits such as passion fruits, pomegranate, custard apple and many others. In fact, there are so many to choose from and you might just fall into a dilemma while carting out your order. 

With just $40, I can enjoy a decent assortment including a full-sized melon, mangosteens, passion fruits, mango, apple custard, and 2 huge pomegranates. If you're lazy, they also offer ready-to-eat sliced fruits especially for those which are quite difficult to handle. 

The fruits that we received were in great condition, and very fresh too! 

Passion Fruits are commonly used in your favourite Bubble Teas, but it is a delectable treat on its own! At $6/ kg, enjoy the passion fruits in a variety of ways such as making tea or bubble tea, passion fruit fillings for your tarts/cakes, or even adding it into your Acai bowl/ ice cream desserts. 

I haven't had mangosteens ($5.9/kg) since a few years back and I have been craving for it for the longest time! Its heavenly and juicy flesh is addictive, and trust me when I say that I can't stop at one. 

The Taiwan Honey Mango is quite different from the usual Thai mangoes. Instead of the usual soft flesh, this has a slightly crunchier texture with a sweet tangy taste. Though slightly on the pricier side for $6.9 each, it's an interesting twist from the usual experience. 

If you're looking for a sweet and refreshing treat, opt for the Candy melon which also resembles honeydew on the inside. Its vibrant yellow colours on the exterior has surely caught my attention, and the price is quite affordable at only $8.90 each. 

If you suffer from Trypophobia, then sadly this fruit is just not meant for you. ($4.9 each) If you appreciate the crunch and tanginess from the seeds, the Pomegranate is a true delight and can also be added to your salads for added texture. I've tried it personally and the fruit matches the vegetables perfectly! 

Fruits Delivery Singapore
$9.70 Flat Rate 2-Hour Delivery
Free Delivery > $60

* This post is written in collaboration with Best in Singapore


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