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Do you go around trying different Chinese New year snacks during new year visits? Aside from collecting/ giving out angbaos, catching up with relatives and friends or gambling, eating will always be a joyous occasion to look forward to! 

What's your favourite CNY snack?

Mine used to be Pineapple tarts (I know I'm boring), but has opened up a lot of other choices and I think I have changed my mind! I still cannot decide between a few options, but I have to honestly admit that this was one of the best CNY snacks that I have ever tasted. 


This unassuming exterior of the 'plain white' Almond Cookie has more to offer than you think. Just one bite and I fell in love with its light and crisp texture. It has a melt-in-the-mouth feel with some added crunch from the almonds and it was perfection at its best. 

The Cashew Cookies were highly addictive too and I like that it wasn't too sweet. In fact, there was a subtle salty aftertaste to it. It's easy to just pop like 10 pieces in one go (not guilty at all). We thought that there were too much snacks to share within the family, but nope, I think we'll just be fighting for the last piece! 

Almond Biscotti is something unique and uncommon for Chinese New Year, and good to have in case some guests don't really enjoy traditional Chinese snacks too. Personally, I'm not a fan of Biscotti, but the taste was not bad. 

The fragrance of the Love Letters already hit me the moment I opened the box, and my eyes just lit up when I took a bite. (sorry if you're not an egg lover) This reminded me of the Hong Kong egg roll wafers that I had when I was younger!   

Its airy and flaky texture makes it a slightly messy affair to indulge in... Highly recommend that you use a plate to keep those crumbs from falling everywhere! Warning: You might not be able to control yourself from finishing the entire box in a seating... 

If you're looking for something healthy and light to save yourself on some calories, Honey Almond Thin Crisp (Original/ Pumpkin Seeds) are something to consider munching on without constantly worrying about your diet. The subtle sweetness of the honey and nutty taste of the pumpkin seeds is a perfect match. Personally, I prefer the Pumpkin seeds version over the original. 

The Classic Golf Ball Pineapple Tarts cannot be missed as it is my all-time favourite snack during this festivity. I am quite particular when it comes to Pineapple tarts - It must be golf ball shaped, with a flaky, melt-in-the-mouth crust, and pineapple fillings cannot be not too overwhelming sweet and tangy. This hits the spot in every way, and I absolutely love it! 

The Honeycomb Cookies (White Sesame) are going to steal your heart with its pretty 'flower' design. It already looks appetizing before giving it a bite! As the name goes, this crispy honeycomb cookie has a sweet natural honey flavour that tastes as delicious as it looks.

If you're looking for something more sinful, the Seaweed Cuttlefish Roll will give you a mouthful of spicy kick. It's a delicious and savoury snack which is an alternative to all the sugary and buttery options. 

Overall, you can expect premium quality from CNY Cookies Singapore. Although they do not have a retail shop at the moment, there is a Money Back Guarantee within 24 hours from the date of delivery if you have consumed less than 5% of the product with a valid reason. 

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